Auto vary cutting speed during job

I’ve searched this forum and can’t seem to see if this is possible. I have a large cutting bed approx 1mx1m and my laser power varies quite a lot from the nearest corner to the laser output to furthest, nearly 2m (front left). I wondered if there was a way to create something like a scalar table to dynamically vary the cutting speed dependant on how fast away you are from the laser source. For example. If I cut a large circle. My laser will cut through the side nearest the laser and not always make it through on the furthest front left corner.

You haven’t indicated the type of laser this is but can I assume you’re describing a 3-mirror CO2 tube based laser?

I suspect your intuition on remedy is leading you astray in this case.

While you’d expect a modest drop in power from nearest to farthest position it shouldn’t be to the point at the distances you’re talking about to where fine tuning the speed/power settings alone wouldn’t be adequate and most straightforward to address it. You should not be getting dramatically different power levels.

If you are it’s likely you’re dealing with one or more of the following:

  1. you’re not in focus at all areas of the bed. Either the bed is not level or your frame is not square.
  2. the laser alignment is off and you’re clipping the laser at different locations on the bed
  3. your tube is bad. Check the beam quality. What transverse mode does it show? All Laser Spatial mode Graphic comparison – Laser technology news, Newest Laser Product news (

I’d guess this was most likely a mirror alignment issue since it’s correlated directly with distance from laser, but that could also be caused by a bad tube.

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