Autohoming not enabled in GRBL settings

I tried to use my rotary yesterday and when it was done i shut it off and went to bed. Tonight, i took the rotary off and loaded up a job to burn on my bed. Then, i realized that i had not disabled the rotary. I went into my settings and disabled the rotary and then remembered that i had set my default settings and a rotary setting file, so i went searching for the default settings file. I accidently clicked it to open with internet explorer and then i couldnt get lightburn to recognize the file.
Initially i was getting a code 9 lock out and then i started getting a code 5 error about the auto homing not being enabled. I then clicked on my laser devices and then went through those settings and my autohoming was enabled. What gives? Is there a factory settings button somewhere?
The red light is blinking and the blue light is on steady. If i disconnect the communication wire, lightburn says disconnected and the reconnected if i connect it again. I tested the power adapter and it is putting out like 23.7 dc amps. So i dont think it is that. I feel like this is directly related to the fact that i used the rotary and something isnt set right now.

I suspect you checked Auto-homing in Device Settings. But you’ll need to enable $22=1 for controller homing in Edit->Machine Settings.

I will check this and give it a try. I am able to move the laser around if i turn off absolute coordinates. If i home absolute it gives me that error, if i home in user defined it crashes into the rails.

And yes, auto homing in settings is enabled

Awesome. That worked. I was able to set it back to absolute and then home it after the $22=1 was typed in. Thank you so much

Ok, here is a new problem relatwd to yesterdays problem. I did the $22=1 as you suggested and it worked. I was able to home it and then do a burn. Since then, i havent done anything but close my laptop. Today i am trying to burn the same image on the same board and the laser is just goikg to the back right corner amd crashing. I am just trying to frame it.
More over, when i click on set laser position, it too goes all the way to the back-right even when i click the bottom left. Its like it thinks telhe job is way beyond the grid, but its not

Ortur broke their firmware, so the default is no longer “1” but “43”. They’ve since fixed it with a firmware update, but until you update, use $22=43 in the console, then power cycle the machine.

Ty. Man you guys are quick and efficient

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