Avoid darker burn at start of cut

Hey everyone,
I’m still having this issue of overburn at the start of my outline pass.
I have my minimum power setting at the lowest point my laser will fire at…11.5%.
Is there something I am missing?

Thank you in advance for any input you may have!

What wattage is your laser?

You say 11.5% is the lowest your laser will fire… so what happens if you set your low for 11%? or 10%?
Do the burned ends go away? Does it leave an unmarked gap?

The lowest level that I can “make a mark” with mine is around 6.5%. But when running cut jobs on paper that have sharp internal angles and places that burn easily I run the power as low as 5.7% and it still cuts paper fine in those corners. I’m not sure why that is but it can be consistently demonstrated.

I’d keep nudging that low power down and see what happens.

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Sorry, I should have mentioned…
It’s a Bodor 1600x900, latest Ruida controller and a 130 watt reci tube.

I’ll take your advice Hank and try to lower that power bit by bit and see what happens!

My lasers here don’t fire below 15% on one, and about 12% on the other.

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