Avoid losing middles of letters when cutting text out

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How do I edit text to add a strikethrough so that I don’t lose the middles of letters when cutting?

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You can either weld in some connectors yourself. Convert text to path, create small box, weld in, etc. Or, you can use the following site to take any TrueType font and create a stencil font out of it and it will give you an svg file of it:


Appreciate your link. Very useful tool.

@kimmicks07 Thank you for your question. I was wondering the same thing recently



This is great! I’ve not tested it yet, but it saves a lot of effort trying to find a suitable existing stencil font, when you already have a font you like that drops out the counter when it’s cut.

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Cool link! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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No need to convert to path first - you can just drop the boxes over and weld with text - it’ll convert to path for you if necessary.


Thank you. Do the boxes have to line up perfectly with the outside of the letters or once welded it won’t matter?

Sorry, complete newbie here

I’m stuck here… if I weld, the lines are overshot as they appear here hmm

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Apologies for that - Steve used the word ‘weld’ and then I did too - Rick is correct though - you want to subtract the boxes. Select the text, then one object that is either a single box or all the boxes as a group, and subtract. It gives you (first) minus (second) as the result.


I was unaware of that feature, thanks for the tip.

Apologies for the wrong terminology. Tend to think of them all as “Weld” even though they are technically different things.

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