"Avoid this area(s)" function?

Hi, could you add maybe a function to tell the laser head: “Avoid this area(s)/shape(s)”?

I do very often plywood cutting and unfortunately the material sheet is sometimes badly bent, so I have to put some weight(s) somewhere on it to make it flat.

The problem is, that (even that area has no engravings or lines) the laser head has a very high chance to cross exactly over it and will crash into the weight. This can happen also when the engraving/cutting is finished and the head moves again the shortest possible way to the origin point.

BTW; Your new Print & Cut functions is a badass, you made my day with the new release! :slight_smile:

The “Avoid this area(s)” shapes could be maybe defined in the same way with target points?

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very good idea.

I would second that.
Best to put it in the “ideas” section of the site.

Ruida controllers do not allow multiple move commands in a row. I’ve tried it, and the hardware considers it an invalid file. There is no way to implement such a feature without this. I could check again - it’s been a while since I tried, and I’ve learned much more about the controller internals.

I originally tried to use this to emulate overscan for off-axis scanning moves, but the controller did not like it at all.

Hahaha - I missed that on the first read. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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