Avoiding deep grooves when engraving filled ring/ circle shapes

I am engraving a circular groove for a glass dome to rest in but I keep getting a deep groove at the top of the circle. As the laser works around the circle it comes to a brief pause at the top of the circle but continues burning while stationary and the end result is a deeper linear groove.

this could be due to backlash - check your belts are tight and the pulleys fastened properly on the steppers. Also pictures help :slight_smile:

ok - thats not backlash :slight_smile:
screenshot of cut settings?

It would be interesting to see what the preview looks like. Also, would you be willing to upload the lbrn2 file for us to have a look at?

It doesn’t look like you are using “normal” fill function. Send your settings or the file otherwise it will just be guesswork.

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