AWC-608 - Amperage?

Hello! I’ve had some trouble finding the specs for the AWC-608. I have a 24v air solenoid I’d like to use and it uses 1.5 amps. I’d hate to blow up the thing, but I’d like to trigger the air assist on its own instead of manually doing it. Anyone happen to know or able to find specs? Thanks.

Are you sure it uses 1.5 amps, and not 150mA or 15mA, which are much smaller amounts of electric current? Many of the ones I am thinking of use a very small amount of current, which was actually a surprise to me at first.

Do you have a model number or clear picture of your solenoid, or ideally both?

@raykholo thanks for the quick response. The solenoid is the 2W-025-08 (the 24v version). I think you might be right - I’m off in my units. Regardless, here’s the beast:

That does appear a little heftier than the other ones I am thinking of, and a listing I found does say 1.4 amps, so perhaps we are indeed back to the original question. I’d suggest a MOSFET module in between the controller and the solenoid so that the controller is not subjected to that large 1.4A load.

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@raykholo problem was solved. Thanks to you it was indeed 83mA. I have it working now. When the program starts, the solenoid starts. So great. I was hoping it would only start when the laser fired. I’m currently thinking about that. Good to know about the MOSFET module.

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