AWC-708 on Boss HP2436 not cutting with full power

I am on version 9.04. Every now and then when sending a cut job it does not send the correct power. For instance on a 150w tube I will send a job at 5mm and 90 power. The Ma gauge will only go to 20 and the cut doesn’t go all the way through.

If I run the exact same job in Lasercad, the meter will go to 3 as expected and the job cut perfectly.

This is seems to happen more frequently than not now.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Are you setting both Min and Max to 90% power, or just Max?


I can take the job in Lighburn and save it as a dxf and send it over with Lasercad with the same settings and it work as expected.

Hi Russel - That didn’t answer my question though (just trying to clarify here). In LaserCAD, as in LightBurn, there are two power values, Min Power and Max Power:


Can you show a screen shot of the settings you used in both LaserCAD and in LightBurn?

By both I meant I am using 90 as both minimum and maximum power in Lightburn and Lasercad.

I will send you screen shots when I get back to the shop this afternoon.

Here are the screen shots.

I’d probably turn off perforation mode in LB.

That wasn’t on when running the job. But are you saying that would affect the power output on the cuts and how?

If your settings aren’t as they were when you ran the job, then what’s the point in posting them?

He ask for minimum and maximum power settings. If I am missing something by having that setting turned on and affecting the power, please share your info so that I may benefit from it.

Perforation mode produces dashed lines. In your case, they’d be incredibly small (one hundredth of a mm), and would give the appearance of the job running at half power, because the cut and skip lengths are the same. If that was enabled when you ran your file, it would explain the difference.

My new scope arrives in a day or so. I’ll run some comparison tests between LightBurn and LaserCAD files to see if the outputs are different, and if I can spot why.

Thanks. Some of of my jobs had that activated. Thanks for your help.

So turning that setting off has the output between the two programs matching now? (just making sure)

As an addendum, if you’ve been playing with different settings in the UI and aren’t sure what some of them do, there’s a “Reset to Defaults” button at the bottom that wipes all settings for the current layer to a known reasonable default state.

Yes. All appears good now. Thanks.

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