AWC or Ruida controller

Hi. I am currently running my 180x115cm DIY 80W laser with MKS Sbase 1.3 GRBL-LPC firmware. My controller resets for no apparent reason. I have reduced EMI by sorting cables and so on - it helped, but it still keeps happening less often. I am thinking of changing controller to AWC708C lite or Ruida RDC6442S. I might install second tube and head at some point - smaller for engraving and bigger for cutting. Does somebody has experience with those controllers? Any practical difference? I don’t see much difference and AWC is cheaper…

The Ruida allows more things to be controlled and set from the software itself, where the AWC requires a number of settings to be made at the controller.

  • Origin mode (absolute coords, user origin, current position)
  • Rotary enable
  • Rotary settings

Otherwise they’re reasonably similar.

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