AWC608 Issue with file list

Is anyone else using an AWC608 DSP controller with an ethernet connection? I am having an issue where when I load the list of files from the controller every file has the same filename as the first file stored on the laser. This is not occasional. but always. Nothing I have done has fixed that. Everything else I have used seems to work fine.

I’ll double check what I have on my side, but I don’t have a 608, only a 708 to test with. I know that the file list has worked, certainly. How many files do you have in your controller, in case that’s relevant? One other thing - I do recall the controller itself not sending the names for files on occasion, but that usually cleared if I refreshed the list. Can you try that as well? (in case you haven’t already)

I have tried refreshing repeatedly, yes. I have tried with less than 10 files as well as with more. The only thing I’ve ever seen so far is the first filename is used for the entire list.

The lasercad software from the same.machine works without issue in that regard, so it should not be a network issue. Firewall disabled, running as privliged didn’t help either.


Ok, thanks Chris - I’ll have a second look.

Thanks! If you need me to do any testing, let me know. I could do some packet captures with wireshark if you need to see the communication.

This what I get with my 708


Additionally, when I click Delete All Files, nothing is deleted.

I deleted one file, that works. Afterward the file list looks like this


SIDE is the number 1 file, CALIBRATION is the number 3 file on the controller.

When there is only one file on the controller, the file is empty even after clicking refresh.

I think I’ve got this sorted out. Initial testing looked like the AWC always sent file names back as a fixed length, but that no longer seems to be the case. I’ve made the code handle variable length filename packets and all seems to be well again. This will be included in the next release, and hopefully Isaac can test when it’s posted to the beta group tomorrow.


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