Awc608 unable to engrave photo's

I wonder if any one can help me, I have a 40w laser cutter running awc608 controller, The laser only has 3 buttons to operate as the dispay has been removed, This was built like this, I am using Lightburn and it is all working correctly but if I attempt to use the image tool (IE engraving a photo) it sends it to the controller but when I hit the start button it just resends the file again but doesn’t do any thing else, I was able to do photo’s with my old software with no issues, Has any one eles had any issues like this or any thoughts on how I can get this to work. Thanks in advance Paul

As long as you’re using one of the dither modes in LightBurn, instead of Grayscale, there is almost no difference at all between running a normal vector fill and engraving an image. Do vector fills work?

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