AWC708 air assist assistance

Not new to lasering but New to Lightburn and the AWC708s controller.
I’ve bought a new red and black 100w with the Trocen AWC708s .
I’ve wired up a 24v relay to the controller out pins 1and 3 and the air assist pump switches on when the laser is cutting and off when the laser stops cutting. GREAT ! ( btw, it doesn’t like solid state relays)

However, the air assist toggle switch in the lightburn software has no effect.
I’m assuming that if it’s green, the air assist will function, and if it’s red it won’t function.

For some materials , my plan was set up jobs where it would engrave without air assist, then when cutting , it automatically switches on the air assist.

Connect via usb.
Any ideas ?

Hi there,

Could you show me how you did this? I think I got the same machine as you (also R+B 100W) and can’t figure out where to plug to 24v solenoid! An image of your board would be really helpful!

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