AWC708 Lite - battery change

A year ago I bought an AWC708 Lite controller on Ebay because I was going to build a plotter.
I am in the process of installing electronics and have a problem that I am struggling with for a few days.
After connecting the controller, the display showed the wrong date and time, it showed the year 2014.
I have not found anywhere in the settings how to rearrange it.
A few days ago the date was zeroed. year 0, month 1st day 1 and 00.00.
I unscrewed the controller and the reason was a faulty battery, it had 0.3V.
I replaced the batteries and now after turning off the machine time goes further, but how to set the correct date and time?
Maybe someone familiar with this controller will help me in this topic.


Do a google search for AWCTool (I found it on cloudrays website) this works on AWC708Plus controller, should work on yours.

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