AWC708 lite only Y Axis wrong direction

Hello, I’m using the AWC708 lite Controller with everything allright : Homing in the upper left corner after reset, the moving keys on the Panel move the head in right direction, speed of X and Y is what I expect and in the Lasercad Software from Trocen the behavior is the same.
I installed the Lightburn Software with a License Key on my Win7 System and your Software recognize the AWC controller via USB. In the movement box I click on X + And X- … ok , but the Y Axis is mirrored ! also the speed is much higher as exspected
The next thing : if I click on Home the Laserhead moves to its home, go back to the origin I set further and then the Program freezes.
Any hints or solutions?
Excuse my poor english…

The Home button in LightBurn sends the ‘Home’ command to the controller. In the AWC, this is a full reset / power cycle that triggers homing, so you need to re-connect to the controller after doing this. (Right-click the ‘Devices’ button to reset the connection to the controller).

If you are doing that just to move the controller to the origin, the simpler way is to use the Click-to-Move button:

Jogging speed is set here:

Do you have Continuous Jog turned on or no?

Hi, and thanks for your fast response. What is happening in the AWC explains the behavior by clicking home, ok , but what I want to say is that both axis moving the right way. When I click on the arrow keys for Y then the movement is mirrored. I have tried Continuous Jog on and off.

Yes I experience the same mirror effect in movement. I just have been dealing with it.

I’m able to reproduce the jog being backwards with continuous jog enabled (and I’ve fixed it) but it was correct already without using continuous jog. Can you double check that?

Hi Oz, without using continuous jog the head is moving in the correct direction but I cannot move Z .
Z axis only works with continuous jog.

Trocen does not have a non-continuous Z move, so that’s why that doesn’t work. I have fixed the jog direction for the pending release.

Hi Oz, thank you very much.

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