AWC708C U-axis control

Is there anyway to utilize the U-axis for rotary with the AWC708C controller? I would prefer not to switch between the Y-axis and the rotary tool but instead keep everything hooked up.

I believe there is a setting in the controller menus that will let you change which axis to use for the rotary function. I have not used this personally.

It has a dedicated U-axis input. How do I draw something in the X-U axis instead of the X-Y?

thanks in advance.

You don’t - you set the controller to rotate the U axis instead of the Y axis when the rotary mode is active.

I think I see what you’re saying. Will give it a try tomorrow. I thought that there would be a way programmatically do this. Sounds like I need to make a manual change in the controller when I go from X-Y to X-U.

Trocen controllers don’t let you switch between normal and rotary from software. You have to do it from the controller panel menus (it’s annoying).

Wow, I am still missing something here, sorry. On my controller I have menu option 07.Common Parameters Settings/04.Rotate Engraving&Cutting. I set Rotary=Enabled and Rotating Axis=U.

I see from your online documentation that I should be able to go to Tools/Rotary Setup, but that menu does not exist. I’m running ver 0.9.14. I have the inputs on the controller to adjust pulses per rev and diameter, but I can’t find the same in the software.

Still not sure if I have to unplug the Y-axis motors and plug the U-axis into the Y controller or if setting the rotary axis in the controller to U will do the trick.

thanks again for your help.

Thank you for pointing this out. We need to review and maybe edit that section of the document for clarity. As Oz said,

This is why you don’t see the option presented from the menu. It is not possible to do this from software for your controller, so we don’t present this option to folks using the Trocen/AWC Device profile.

So unplugging the Y motors and plugging the rotary into the y motor controller is the way to go? Then I’d have to manually add in a scaling factor on my drawing y-axis to get the correct rotation?

OK, I think I’m making progress (I designed this machine myself and getting the rotary working has been the single most difficult part). I connected the rotary stepper to the U axis. Leave the rotary disabled and set the X-Y position to the work piece. Using the controller front panel set rotary to enable. This disables Y and enables U as Y. Only problem I’ve got now is changing pulse count per rev and diameter (using the controller) has no effect, the motor rotates the same amount. Only changing um per pulse for U axis has an affect. Although not the best, I can work with this. I’ll set a um per pulse that will give me enough resolution and scale the Y-axis of the drawing by a scaling factor (different for each diameter).