Axis moving diagonally

Hi new here and just installed the cohesion 3d board and light burn.
When I click on the arrow keys in the software to move the laser head it moves diagonally.
Left and right moves diagonally and up and down doesn’t move.
Click home it goes home but sits and thinks for a little while before i can move again.
Short video of the issue.

Ribbon cable installed backwards, possibly? It sounds like you have the X & Y motor outputs mis-wired somehow.

Ill go and look.

Had the the y in the x position. Thanks

Now trying to set my home position to the back left corner and it keeps going to the front left.
Have the origin set to the back left corner in the device settings.

Yup, that’d be why.

It happens so often it has it’s own post on the C3D FAQ:

Thanks for the link little confuse how do I change it to the rear left or do i need to move the homing switches?

You don’t - you change LightBurn to front left. It’s telling you that all K40’s with C3D controllers are front left. The machine homes to the rear, but the origin is in the front. When it homes, the firmware knows it is at X0, YMax because of the settings in the config file.

ok, thanks will try that tomorrow.

I changed it to the left front and still when i home it goes to the left front
I tried deleting and reinstalling to get everything back to original settings but still tries to home in the front left.

You may have the Y motor connector installed backwards, or you have to flip the direction value for the Y motor in the configuration file.

I misinterpreted what you wrote earlier - sorry - everyone gets the origin / home locations mixed up, and I assumed that was what was happening here too.

Thanks for the help.
Where is the configuration file to change the y value? look in setting and couldn’t find it. I swapped the motor wire and it homes but when I click on the top y arrow it moves to the front and when I click on the bottom arrow it moves to the rear.

found the configuration on the sd card. what do i need to look at?

If it’s homing properly you don’t change the config on the card, just the origin location in LightBurn. You probably now have that set to the rear left, and it should be front left.

Thanks for your help.

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