Axis stop randomly but laser stays on

1 ot of 3 runs I start a cut and it will run for about 2 seconds then both axis’s will stop but laser stays on (90% of the time), no error in Lightburn as if run is still continuing. If I then stop the run on Lightburn, reset, home and run again it completes without any issues. (I don’t switch off anything or hard reset, just the reset button in the software)
Replaced all USB cables and re-routed data cables, made sure machine is grounded and also double checked that USB sleep is disabled but same issue persists . This also happens randomly (not every cut but about every 3rd cut/engrave) so I cannot find a pattern except for when it happens I just do a reset, re-home and then it does not happen again on that run.
Running Windows 10 with latest LightBurn on Mini Girbil board.
Note: in my search for an answer I have noted other people having similar symptoms with different boards but could not find any other suggestions or solutions.

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