Background Grid location


I have built my own Cnc table and am using lightburn to run a laser cutter with it. I am looking to build a new bed for it with horizontal and vertical strips to create a hollow bed underneath.
I currently use the grid to line up my work with my current flat bed, onto which I have burned the grid, so the table aligns with the computer. With the new bed im wanting to line it up with the computer as well, but this time so I can place the graphics and work in a way that will avoid cutting along the metal bed strips.
Is there a way/can there be a way, to move the origin of the grid in lightburn? For example at present the grid will start at the origin, but if I make the bed and its slightly out, I want to be able to offset this by an amount so it will re-align. Can this be done? If not, can it be looked into to add to a new version?

There isn’t a way to change this at the moment. It’s based on the origin and area of your machine. If you never plan to use that area anyway, adjusting the positions of your limit switches to match the grid would be a relatively simple fix.

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