Backlash Setting not being recognized

I was doing a test last night based on a video I had been watching to identify and set the mechanical backlash. Moving the nozzle in to a point increasing X and Y, then pulsing a dot, then doing a square movement so the nozzle came back to zero in a decreasing X movement. Then another pulse. The intent is to see how the dots line up with an already marked line in the same X position. In my case, the dots are close but the second one needs to be bumped over. I changed a setting on the machine settings page (not at the machine right now so can’t tell the exact parameter) but it was basically an X axis backlash setting. I wrote this new value to the controller, reset the controller and re-tested. Nothing changed. I then increased the value to something that should make a major difference and nothing changed. I apologize for not having the exact setting here, but is there a process to making this kind of change I need to follow? Its a Ruida 644XS controller.

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