Backlash setting?

So here is something odd… Ive been having an issue where my cuts dont start and finish the same when the cut closes and moves on to the next shape. After replacing steppers, controllers, you name it, I ran the same file in rdworks with the backlash setting enabled and ran the same job and it fixed the problem. But if I have to use rdworks to get accurate cuts then it means Im no longer able to use lightburn, a software that I have acclimated to easily, love and recommend. I cant find the same backlash setting in lightburn that rdworks has that has fixed a pretty significant problem both myself and the manufacturer have struggled to fix, but one check of a box and the issue seems to have disappeared completely… What am i going to do if I have to use RDworks to get the results my customers demand, I dont want to stop using lightburn, I dont like rd works, at all, but it appears this backlash setting addressed the problem weve been fighting for a few months now… Please help me find this feature in lightburn because I absolutely dread the idea of using rdworks… I dread it.

I know there’s an option in the firmware that you can change, that fixed this for me. I think I took the lazy way out, when the real culprit is loose belts or something that I wasn’t bothering to fix because changing the setting fixed it. I think it’s even labeled backlash in the settings.

Edit -> Machine Settings, I believe. To be clear though, this isn’t a LB specific setting. I’m not sure what the RDW option / command does exactly.

If I knew what the setting in lightburn was or the value I needed to change i would change it, but Lightburn doesnt have any machine settings labeled ‘backlash’.
edit: I found the x/y ‘backlash’ setting, but I have no clue which one is what i need to change, I guess Ill play with them and see if it fixes the issue because the issue seems to happen on both axis…

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