Backup autosaved file

I work on a new project for many hours, but I have never saved, unfortunately.
Shut down the laptop, and the next morning the laptop froze, so I do a hard reset.
In the Document folder, there are only 4 auto-save files.
Where are the rests?
12 Dec. 18. Dec, and today morning, But every day I work with LB. There should be many backup files, am I wrong?
The setup for autosave is 2 minutes. MS. Excel can handle this hard reset, and with 2 clicks I can restore and save the unsaved files.
How can I avoid a similar situation?
thanks in advance.

LB doesn’t save a series of timestamped backups.

It overwrites the existing backup file with a new one at the interval you specify: in the event of a crash you can immediately restore that backup.

AFAICT, when you manually save a file, the backup file vanishes, because you now have the version you want and the recent backup is irrelevant.

I have a backup script set up to save all my changed files just before midnight, so I can reach back in time to just before a major blunder. When I need a backup from two days ago, I really need it! :grin:

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