Backup/Pull files from laser Controller

Can I use LB to pull the files that I have upload to the ruida controller? I would like to pull them as new PC connected for the laser now and moving files over. Ruida only shows to move one file at a time, is that my only option to pull from controller?

Once the file is loaded on the Ruida, the only option I know of is to write it to the usb stick.

You can delete them off the controller from Lightburn … I think they belong to the God of Ruida when you store them in Ruidaland…

What are you attempting to move anyway? There is not artwork it’s machine code and not usable with Lightburn from the machine end…

Might help us if you can describe what you are trying to do… we might know an easy way…


I was trying to avoid opening up and saving around 90 files to save the code for quick cutting of orders. I have to go back in and remove to add more. if i could grab them and wait then i could just erase all and then upload as i needed the file. Finally got a laptop for just the laser to save some long foot traffic.

The only way I know of to handle this is to save the RD file generated by Lightburn.


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