Bad laser, or is it normal?

I recently purchased a chinese 40w diode laser (the only “brand” I can fid on it is “EiDevo”). Mine is this one (top left one):

(It has a red cross infrared position).

At first, I was cutting 3mm MDF at 95% power, at 135 mm/min

Every day I have to reduce speed. After I move the laser from one site to other, 3 days ago, I have to reduce the speed from 100 to 80, and yesterday, first batch was ok, but now they are not cut (I have to press really firm to put the pieces out). Each A4 sheet takes around 1 hour, and did around 8.

Is this a bad/cheap laser, a defective one, is it normal…? I am cleaning the laser about 2 timer per day, and in total, the laser has around 20 work hours.

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