Bad X-axis shift

Hey. Hey,

I’m looking for help with my problem.

I have a short Ortur Laser master 2 PRO.

In the MOVE tab I select shift to X:50 and Y:50.

In fact the X axis always goes to position 140.
The Y axis is at the correct position. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? D

Thank you

SEems you might have an offset on your EEPROm
Try in console where it says (type command here)
Press enter
If successfull it will say [MSG: REstoring defaults]

Once done rehome

Please put the machine settings so that we can better guide you

Thank you for the advice, your command works but then the program tells me that the device is Busy and cannot be controlled.
setup.lbset (5.9 KB)

This is my setup.
setup.lbset (5.9 KB)

Do you still have problems after disabling the soft limit?

Yes…:frowning: the x-axis still moves to the same point

Hi, can you provide me with your ORtur settings or any tips on how to fix my problem?