Banding in tile please

Hi everyone, I have been burning onto tiles recently and have been getting some vertical banding in my images. At first I thought it was my x axis lead screw causing it so I changed my direction so y is doing most of the movement but vertical banding still persists. Attached images below. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks adrian


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Are you doing the dithering outside of LightBurn?

Hi oz. all editing of these images done inside of lightburn.

Hi Adrian, what laser are you using, CO2 or fibre, if Co2 would you share the settings you use to get this effect on tiles, I’ve tried but can’t seem to get it right.
Cheers Denzill

The banding seen in the preview itself might or might not be a ‘real’ artifact. Because of the way the preview is drawn you can get moire effects there that won’t show in the end result. Select the image, then go to Tools > Save Processed Bitmap. Open that image in paint program or preview tool and look at it at actual size to see if there are visible patterns. If not, it’s likely an issue with the machine vibrating slightly when engraving.

Hi bushpig I am using a 5.5w diode laser.

Thanks Adrian…

Thanks oz you were correct. I tightened everything up and removed the fan from my control board. Burns are much better now thank you :pray::+1:

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