Bands of missing print

Hi to all
I am getting chunks of missing lines while engraving.
In my recent engraving I have 2 parallel lines about 3mm in hight that is missing print.

I have set the image to 400dpi using Stucki style.
Can someone help?

Looks like a connection of some type…

If you look closely it appears you can see faint lines in there…

Does it look ok on the preview screen?

If you can, drop the .lbrn2 file on the reply and we’ll have a look at it.


Thanks for your reply.
I looked closely and the only thing on those area is the material texture.
I enclose the .lbrn2 file.
coin.lbrn2 (325.2 KB)

Here is a closer picture.

I don’t see anything in the art that would account for this.

Does it happen in the same place every time?

The only thing I can think of is some bad connections somewhere. I’d reseat all the connectors if you can get to them.


Thank you for the advise.
But as you can see in the first picture the occurrence of the lines are symmetrical and of the same dimensions and it is unlikely a bad connection.

Don’t have anything else to suggest.

Good luck


Which engraver are you using and what material are you engraving on?

This looks like fiber/galvo work on a coin or coin blank but the lasers listed on your profile don’t mention this type of hardware.

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