Basic steps to use Lightburn with Openbuilds and Jtech laser

I installed and connected everything. I have an Openbuilds blackbox with my Workbee 1050 and jtech 7w laser. My question is now what do I do. Such as … do I need to open Openbuilds software at all or just Lightburn only?


You can use just LightBurn. Only one can talk to the machine at a time.

Thank you. I was just paranoid and did not see any hands on steps on what should be running or turned on in the background.

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I had some struggles at first when I first setup my jtech 7w laser with my X-Carve. Still have some minor issues but working through them pretty well. Only issue i had recently was when I engraved some tiles for some coasters the line work was pretty clean but the fill looked kind of shaky. Also after installing the new update I had some engraving issues with the same coaster files, they ended up looking extremely faded and didn’t seem to engrave as deep. All settings were exactly the same.

When setting up Lightburn to talk to an Openbuilds blackbox what device do you choose?

OpenBuilds uses GRBL firmware.