Beambox Pro - any users

Has anyone out there had any experience with these?
I’m thinking of making a radical jump from my Otur Diode laser.

I believe the last time Beambox Pro came up it was determined that it uses proprietary software and firmware so wouldn’t be LightBurn compatible. Haven’t heard anything more about it since. Seemed to compete more with Glowforge type products.

There are a number of lasers out there that will work well with Lightburn. I’d suggest one of these

The K40 style requires a controller change to make it Lightburn compatible and they are in the $500 range. The next step up is one of the Chinese models. Mine was $2000 via OMTech but you can find them lower cost, if you wish to risk it. Mine is a ‘china blue’ 50 watt…

The Ruida is one of the most common controllers and is supported by Lightburn.

Glowforge, Beambox, Woodpecker and others use proprietary software, which will eliminate Lightburn.

Good luck


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