Bed size 700x500

I have a 700x500 80w in vendor setting I have it setup for 700x500 for some reason it will not cut that size I lose like 5 inches, anyone know what might be the problem?

Normally the stops at the end of the X and Y axis will prevent you from using every bit of the 700 x 500.
If you mean you aren’t getting close to any sides of the area then you have another problem.
I have a 700 x 500 on a 60W Omtech. The Y on the back edge of the machine, should have the stop, is actually about three inches from the actual edge of the honeycomb. My “X” axis will engrave close to the extremes.

Is there a way to test the actual bed size?

In which direction are you losing the 5 inches? Both X and Y? If it’s just Y, you may have left the rotary setting enabled. If it’s both X and Y, you might need to check to see if your machine needs calibrating - Draw a square of a known size, like 5", and run it, then measure. If it’s too small, your machine step length is incorrectly set, and would need to be adjusted.

The square hole comes out to 4.59mm and other direction 4.56mm when set to 5mm. a 10mm square messures 9.51mm other side 9.61mm

You should run a larger item, so measurement errors are minimized, at least 200mm. The go to Edit > Machine Settings, and click the ‘Calibrate’ button on the bottom. For each axis, enter the requested length and the measured length. When done, click ‘Write’.

You can also do it the long way: Configuring a Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

I did a 200x200mm square and seems to be spot on, still not sure how to test the full cutting size of my laser?

The simplest way would be to use the arrow keys on the controller to move the laser as far as it will go up, then left, then down, then right. That will show you the extents allowed by the machine itself, and the display panel will show the coordinates as you do this.

not sure about your laser but you can also turn on the machine and home it and observe it stops at, or very near, the 2 homing switches. Place a marker on the bed where the laser is pointing. Think of that as 0,0 ( X, Y). Now power off the laser and with your hand gently slide the laser head all the way it can travel along the X direction and measure the distance from the starting point. If it’s beyond the bed, stop at the edge of the bed. Move the laser head back to 0,0 and now gently move the laser head in the Y direction and measure how far you move it or to the edge of the bed if it moves further. Notice if you feel any odd resistance to your moving of the head, it should be smooth and consistent otherwise there’s problems with your linear motion system.

The measurements you took should give you the working area and this should be very close to what is set in your controller firmware( $130 and $131 in GRBL ) and set in your LightBurn Device profile.

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