Beginner needs support with the camera selection

Hello together!

I’m still fairly new and I’m just getting used to / learning.
now I want to buy a camera and wanted to take the 5MP 160C. There it is said to be 259mm apart.
When I measure from the bed to the lid of my red / black 60W laser, I only have about 24.5 cm.
Is that a problem?
how could i solve this?

thank you in advance and best regards from Upper Austria

LightBurn now has a helper built right into the ‘Help’ menu that will calculate the minimum heights for a given bed size and camera choice. Have you had a chance to look at the options that presents?

from there i had my 259mm height.
i have a 700x500 Bed…

this distance… is this with closed or open Lid?

This is up to you, but in most applications the lid is open and the LightBurn camera is mounted directly over the bed, centered and mounted high enough that the camera “sees” the entire bed and a bit more.

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