Beginner. Struggling with settings. No depth

We’ve had our laser a week. OMTech 30w fiber. Somewhat familiar with operation from Xtool D1 unit. We are making progress but cannot engrave anything with depth. Intention is to engrave into firearm receivers but not at this rate. Tried many combinations of speed, frequency, power… any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This site has some good starting points. It’s ezcad based but its pretty simple to follow.

How many passes are you doing? You will often need many passes to get significant depth. You can run a test pattern on some scrap metal of similar materials to the guns and see what gives you the deepest results, then just repeat that a bunch of times with maybe a cleanup pass every now and then.

How many passes is normal for depth. Same occupation as OP. Im doing 3 cuts
First Cut 50 Passes
Second cut 25 Passes
3rd Cut 15 Passes.
Doesnt seem very deep on a piece of flat stock.

That seems like a reasonable amount of passes to at least get a bit of depth. Have you tried turning on wobble? that seems to help a lot with deep engraving

Thanks a ton. That helped a lot. We’re still struggling but that got us closer.

Running a small lens here if possible helps a TON - I use a 70mm for deep etching brass/steel to great effect. Just be sure your fume extraction works well 'cause the lens is pretty darn close to the material it’s blasting.

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