Benigner Needs Help with Marlin

Hi guys, im new on light burn, i atm use GRBL and it works fine, i want use marlin becouse i see its more stable, but what version i need to put on arduino? and what do i need to change? is there a tutorial about this? sry if someone made a topic like this.


Why would you think Marlin is more stable?

Marlin is not terribly well suited for laser use. It doesn’t have a laser specific mode like GRBL and Smoothieware do, which means that if the head stops moving, the laser stays on, which is bad. It also doesn’t differentiate between G0 and G1 moves, so they happen at the same speed, and G0 doesn’t automatically turn off the beam, which, again, both GRBL and Smoothieware do.

Becouse when we make upload of grbl 1.1 it says memory is slow… sry for bad english but i think u can understand

GRBL with arduino Nano is OK?

GRBL with an Arduino Nano is ok for cutting and simple engraving. If you’re trying to engrave photos, it will be limited by the speed it can process GCode (roughly 250 GCode instructions per second).

but with arduino nano its ok right?

It depends on what you want to do with it. Read this again:

BUT WITH UNO IS OK RIGHT? i write wrong xD sry. With uno i can work normaly right? and one more question… how can i make a smoothing swing while scann? like in DSP, is there a way?

Yes, it’s quite functional and works very well, it’s just limited as to how fast it can process commands, so any job that sends many commands in a very short period of time (more than about 250 per second) will overwhelm the processor and it will not keep up.

If I understand your question, you’d enable ‘overscan’ in the fill settings.

tnx, u are right. amazing program

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