Best Graphic Suite

What is the best graphic suite other than coreldraw?

What’s the best car? What’s the best coffee? What’s better, a pickup or a forklift?

In other words, what are you trying to do? “Best”, beyond personal opinion, depends on the task.

I used to use Inkscape a lot, it was free, which is great and it did almost everything I needed it for laser work. However over the past couple of years I have been using it less and less and have been importing customer images into Lightburn, tracing the results, making slight changes before they get to the laser.

A lot of designs I do are created fully in Lightburn, with just a few parts imported and which are then usually saved in the art library.

I do it the same way as Julian, with the capabilities LightBurn has today, 2D designs are made quickly and easily.
From 90/10% (Inkscape-LightBurn) it is now 5/95%.

For me it is Lightburn/Illustrator/Photoshop

I only use Inkscape to convert certain formats easily :wink:

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