Best installation height

Hi! I have a 2mpx webcam with a 160° viewing angle, does anyone know how to calculate the best distance from the cutting plane? my laser have a 400x400 plane

If you go to Help->Camera Selection Tool it can help you identify minimum height.

ok! I see It, but I’ve another question.
which is the best correct “minimum” value? “A”, “B” or “C”?
or, do I have to calibrate every time I change the thickness of the material?

A or B is the correct answer, but not both. Meaning the height cannot change for this to work correctly.

Ideally you’d have a way for adjusting bed height for focus so that distance to lens is maintained. Sounds like you need to change laser head height which is not ideal.

As of now I don’t believe there’s a great solution for dealing with that scenario. You could still use the camera but alignment will be compromised. You could align to most common height or perhaps a best compromise height. What works for you will be determined on the tolerances that you’re trying to work to.

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