Best place online to stay in a file to get 3D printed?

I’m looking to get this file printed for the camera if anybody knows any suggestions I would appreciate it.

I can print it for you if you cover the cost of shipping. Where are you located?


That would be awesome!

Located in Tennessee I can give you my UPS shipping info or give me your PayPal address and I’ll send you some money! I really appreciate this.

You can send me an email at anthony dot bolgar at revision13prototypes dot com Leave me your info and I will send it out in a couple of days.

Be aware that posting an email address in a public forum (instead of via direct message) is a good way to get a whole lot of spam from bots and crawlers. :slight_smile:

Just sent you an email. Thanks!

makexyz has changed since I was involved with it. Seems to be cheaper now but they do not put you in direct contact with the local maker like they used to. I uploaded one of the three hour prints that I have been doing a bunch of lately and they quoted me $13. No way could I print it that cheap - I suppose if you had a couple dozen printers going all the time it could be profitable…

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Thanks so much …that’s good to know!