Best post about etching wood?

I’m looking through posts with keywords on ‘wood’ ‘etching wood’ ‘burning wood’ ‘ruined all my wood’ etc etc.

Is there a one-stop best practices post about wood? I’m using a 4.2w jtech laser on my taz 6. I’ve done nearly a dozen different burns on different settings, trying to figure out what works best. I’ll order any wood type needed etc, I just want to etch photos on flat wood that can be framed or cut into a puzzle. I also started prepping the photos more and finalizing as bitmaps per some videos I’ve watched. Still not getting the results I want.

Piecing all this information together is not only difficult, but I get lost as to what to do next. It’s like shooting into the dark.


Google “gold method” and ther is also one on face book
but there is a uy on you tube :slight_smile


You’ve said that you tried ‘nearly a dozen different burns on different settings’, but that honestly tells us nothing about what those settings were, whether they were in the ballpark for your hardware, etc. If you can give a few specifics, or even some ranges, that’s more helpful.

As a starting point, click ‘Reset to Defaults’ on the bottom of the Cut Settings window, set the Max Power to 80% and the speed to 50mm/sec (or 3000 mm/min) and try that, just to establish a sort of baseline.

This is exactly what I was looking for as a great starting place! Thank you Cary. Now I don’t have to feel like I’m just taking notes and shooting in the dark!

Thank you for your willingness to help, Oz. Once I get some more measurements completed I’ll let you know if I need more assistance.


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