Beta Version as in how to get a copy

I’ve seen some discussions on FB about a beta version that fixes the issues I have been having with artifacts… my only solution has been to break each job into individual images which is a pain.

How do I get a copy?

I’m a beta tester …

Maybe @ColinW has a link or response since it appears you think it will solve an issue you have…

I actually don’t know the beta rules … or if just anyone can download it…

Good luck


Please share a bit more detail of what you are experiencing.


I’ve posted in the group several times… but we are getting intermittent lines where they shouldn’t be… Sometimes a reboot will help but what seems to ensure my print with work without any issues is to split the print into multiple cuts and make sure optimize cut path is turned off as well as flood fill.

Can you post a photo of the issue?

Ah good, this is a bug we believe we’ve now fixed. I’m DM’ing you a link.

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