Better corners/circles

The documentation doesn’t cover the edit -> device settings -> Additional Settings tab. On mine (Trocen AWC) this page has a setting “Corner Accuracy” that is set to 0.010 mm, and a “Minimum Corner Speed” that is set to 1.0 mm/sec

The Edit -> Settings page has a slider bar for “Curve Quality” but no value setting…I get that this is for display purposes only (doesn’t affect the cut)

There is also “Curve Tolerance (mm)” which is set to 0.050. This one is pretty well explained in the documentation.

How do all of these settings inter-relate?

I’m running a 100W Reci W4 tube at 85-88% power and 14-15 mms cutting 1/4" clear and black acrylic. I’m trying to get the best quality corners without inducing anything unanticipated.

I’m guessing that “minimum corner speed” of 1.0 mms is not relevant since I’m cutting at 14+ mms. Correct?

“Corner Accuracy” and “Curve Tolerance” seem to refer to similar things - does one override or take precedence over the other?

I don’t notice the curve quality quite so much on large arcs and circles, but for smaller ones - 1/4" diameter circles, etc - this is where it starts to show up.


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The options displayed on the ‘Edit’->‘Device Settings’->‘Additional Settings’ tab are internal to LightBurn only and used to refine the cut simulator parameters used for the ‘Preview’ window. Adjusting these settings to match those of your controller produces more accurate time estimates in the ‘Preview’ only and have zero effect machine settings nor in the actual job run-time.

Need you to define the curve quality you are “seeing”. Please provide a clear example picture showing the results you are getting and we can go from there.

I pretty much answered my own question by running some tests

I ran a set of various shapes using the default Curve Tolerance setting of 0.050, then ran one at 0.025, 0.010, and 0.005.

There was a very noticeable difference in the smoothness of all curves from 0.050 to 0.025. From 0.025 to 0.010, it was less noticeable but still apparent. From 0.010 to 0.005, hardly noticeable.

Cut speed difference was imperceptible really.

I guess it doesn’t makes sense to me that there would be 2 places where you could adjust something that doesn’t actually change the way things cut. I can understand the slider bar for Curve Quality, but I can’t understand why the Corner Accuracy setting is even there if that doesn’t affect the cut, and there already is a mechanism that does the same thing

As far as the quality I was seeing, simply this - I can see the difference between the “jaggedness” of the curve when the tolerance was at the default.

Corner Accuracy affects only how the simulation works, nothing else - all the settings on that page are intended to allow you to tune how LightBurn mimics how controllers do motion planning so you can get the preview result timing to match your real world results. The intention is that in the next version or two there will be a button to pull the settings from your controller and populate the ones there (or translate if necessary) to give the best results.

The default curve tolerance was chosen to approximate the curve tolerance in RDWorks. Lower numbers will make curves smoother, but also send more data to the machine.

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