Bi-Directional cuts in multi pass option

I am using a multi pass line to cut through plywood and i can only get it to cut in one direction so it has to retrace the line back to the start to make each successive cut, doubling the cut time. Is there a way to get it to cut in both directions… I see the bi-directional fill(scan) setting and have that on for fills but is there a bidirectional line(cut) for multi-pass cutting?

This already works, but only if you have “Choose Best Direction” enabled in the Optimization Settings, otherwise it respects the direction of the shape.

Thanks Oz, I will try it.

Didn’t seem to work, I selected ‘Choose Best Direction’, do I need to deselect anything that might be over-riding it?

The behavior might be controller specific - I’ll have to look. You have an LS machine and an HP - Which are you trying this on right now?

Also, you said “doubling the time for the cut” - Are you saying the rapid move from the end back to the start takes the same length of time as the cut itself? That would mean you’re trying to cut way too fast.

I’ve looked, and yes, this is controller specific at the moment - GCode systems are generally much slower than DSPs, so this was added for GCode, but not DSP machines. I’ve logged a task to formalize it across everything, and have the cut planner take the direction reversal into account as well - If you have an even number of passes, you’ll end back where you started, so the best next move will be different than it would if you stop at the other end.

I am using the HP. I used to cut at ~.5" per sec but I have found that moving a little quicker, (3-4"/sec) and making 3-4 passes is more effective for consistent cut-thru. It also leaves a cleaner uncharred (less charred) edge.
Also, where/how do I accelerate the head movement in non burning times?.. It currently moves to the next cut very slowly wasting a lot of time.

It also moves very slowly when displaying the ‘box’ function. how do I reset that speed?

Frame speed is taken from the Speed setting in the ‘Move’ window.

Speed between cuts is in Edit > Machine Settings, near the top, called ‘Idle Speed’. Idle Acceleration will change how fast it speeds up / slows down when moving between cuts.

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