BIG Diode laser

Hello Everyone

I have a question. A friend of mine has a need for an inexpensive laser to cut foam core material for his RC Planes. We can find several to do the job if only the workspace was large enough. He needs a cutting area of 25"x20" to make is feasible. And Lightburn compatible.
Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not aware of any over the counter diode laser models that have dimensions quite that big. There are some that cover one dimensions but not both.

NEJE 2S Max is 810x460 mm.
Extension kit for Atomstack lasers are 410x850 mm.

In reality, if you wanted to go DIY you could build a frame of arbitrary size by modifying an existing frame. This helps if you buy a laser that uses standard aluminum extrusions. You’d then be limited by wire length, wire management, and the weight of the x-axis gantry.

You’d also want a controller that accepts writing changes. Atomstack models usually do not but it’s possible they allow frame size changes since they offer the extension kit. I’m just not aware. I do know they forbid permanent writes to EEPROM for other configuration changes. Neje do allow GRBL configuration changes. Their MAX model I believe also uses a 2 motor configuration for Y-axis so gives you some flexibility. The Atomstack is a single motor Y.

There are CNC kits that reach those dimensions. One might be be able to find one that offers a diode laser tool change.

I believe Jtech phonics sells one that big.

This to me was the key component of the question outside of the dimensions. But I guess this is still up for interpretation.

Will need some guidance on this from @EdBrown.

I am trying to keep the project under $800. This may be impossible. I am able to assemble a kit, but programming may be outside of my comfort zone. Thank you for your helpful suggestions.

Thank you I will take a look at them this week.

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