Big software update problem

I just updated lightburn and now all of my galvo devices are gone…
I had all my RAYCUS lenses and also 2 MOPA lenses all calibarated and working…not theres nothing…

Is there a way to get everything back??

I desperately can use some help here, Ive got work to get done…

Now i try to ’ find my laser" and it says i do not have a galvo license??

Recent versions carried a licence processing error which allowed the free trial from the initial release to continue for a few users for several months. This minor oversight has been corrected.

I reviewed your licence information based on the Solocraft email and I see that you have the DSP and G-code licences and these are paid-up until Late August 2023.

With the expiry of the free trial and the correction of the licence processing error you can upgrade your licence key to include the Galvo laser features here:

This is not a licence renewal, this adds Galvo support to your existing key.

If your Galvo licence purchase is associated with another email address please use the key sent to that address to activate your Galvo devices.

Please email if you have further questions or concerns about licensing.

Because of the time pressure you’re experiencing I’ll check the support email and watch the licence system as closely as I can to make sure you’re back up and running as swiftly as possible.

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Hey John! Thanks for the info! I followed your link and entered my most recent Key…the cost is $126 CAD. I should not be charged should I?? I have already paid as you said…

I would email them. It would probably be faster and more secure for you.

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Probably not a bad plan, Jeff, Thank you!

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I see that you paid for a DSP licence key and a G-code licence - I don’t see a paid Galvo key on your licence. This could be a licence assignment error. Do you have DSP machines at your shop?

The DSP machines are the larger gantry based CO2 machines with Trocen and Ruida Controllers. The G-code machines are smaller, less expensive, diode laser machines and most K40 conversions seem to be G-code devices. Galvo devices have the High-speed mirrors and often an RF source for marking.

The Galvo lasers required a pretty serious and extensive undertaking from the dev team. It’s quite different from the previous versions. The changes under the hood were substantial. We’re still working on new features, support and documentation for other Galvo control boards.

The Galvo was released in Free Trial for two weeks at the end of June. The Free Trial was complimentary with a new trial or with any valid LightBurn Licence to make sure everything was working as expected. LightBurn went to considerable effort to discuss and publish that galvo would be an additional paid feature well before it was released. Some folks were able to run past the end of the free trial period - this may be what has happened here.

I’m still watching the Support email for your email address or key. I do see that you accessed Licence Portal this morning but I can’t confirm any further.

Good day JohnJohn, I do have a large CO2 (100 watt, Ruida , 36x48 Bed), a 30 watt Raycus Galvo and a 100Watt JPT MOPA. I am damn sure I paid for the key, but I can not prove it…I may be mistaken but I can not see me going for a trial as I had waited forever for the release, lol. I have been using it since a day ortwo after the release. Anyway, I’ll pay I just want to make sure I do not lose all my devices. I ended up reverting back to an earler version of Lightburn and all my devices came back, thank God…I was stressed…

If I do pay, the key will automatically “connect” to my standard license and all should be ok with my galvo devices and lens parameter settings once i update to the current version, correct??

I appreciate your time!

Yes, the Link I posted was for adding Galvo to your existing licence. It would probably be wise to export a backup copy of your Prefs file before your upgrade.

As a further precaution, it may be wise to export the Prefs file as a quarterly maintenance task or prior to substantial changes to settings.

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