Big Sur - Font Issues in Lightburn


After updating to big sur, the fonts I use in lightburn don’t appear correctly. One font I use only displays in italic, even though italic is not selected, and another stays normal, even though bold is selected.

Didn’t have this issue before the OS upgrade. Is there anything that can be done to get it working again properly?


Which exact font is it you are having trouble with?

The two fonts I’m having trouble with are Signpainter and Optima, however I am finding that since the upgrade to big sur, the fonts generally are not working well. Some will respond when I turn on bold or italic etc…, but it is selective. This wasn’t a problem before.

I have tested the two fonts and found no issues. My OS is Big Sur beta 11.2

Thanks for checking it out for me. I’m on ver 11.1. Are you also using latest version of Lightburn (0.9.20)?

Maybe I will try uninstalling and re-installing Lightburn…

yes sir, Lightburn 0.9.20

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lightburn, but it didn’t make a difference. I have attached an image of what is happening. The top line is how the font appears in lightburn and bottom line is what it should look like.

Is this how it looks when you tested?


Thanks for the images and taking the time to help me. Looks like there is an issue with font compatibility between Lightburn & Big Sur.

Hopefully it will be picked up and fixed in the next Lightburn update!

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