Bipolar or unipolar stepper motor

I have a little problem when i draw a circle. I wonder if it’s the stepper motor that falls a bit backward. I get 3-4 almost invisible zigzags. I have adjusted the timing belt and shoukd be okay.

It’s my first laser engraver.
It’s a yellow and gray china model 4060 Ruida.
The steppermotors are 0.6A 17HA801Y 22P2 and a 17HA704Y 1A1 and the drivers are M415 DRV

Could I be wrong, 0.6A sounds like they are to small for the machine?

Is it 3 or 4? If it’s 4, it could be the backlash settings. You could try changing the “X Axis Backlash” and “Y Axis Backlash” settings to 0, and see if that fixes it. I just did that to fix an issue where the backlash settings were making the laser slow down at the anchor points on a circle. Here’s the post:

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