Black burned spots while engraving

Hello everyone,

I have Neje Master 2S laser 30W, using lightburn, and sometimes I have an issue which is shown on the picture bellow. The thing is that sometimes while engraving on plywood (6mm), laser makes black dots on fill. It does not happen all the time but is frequently.
I would be really happy for any advice.
Thank you.

It’s likely one of two things. There’s an artifact in whatever your trying to engrave, I’d suggest converting it to path if so, or the signal being streamed to the laser is pausing. Check your connections and make sure no wires are loose on your engraver.


I think that the problem was connection between laser and computer. I connected laser with another (better) computer, and now the black spots are gone! (I guess the problem was usb port on laptop before)
Thank you so much for your help.

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