Black-red laser calibration problem

First of all, a big greeting to everyone on the forum and sorry for my English. This is my first post here. Of course, I have a problem.
I have a black-red Chinese laser 80W, which I was satisfied with and for now I don’t need anything better. I’m from Europe and I write measurements in millimeters :slight_smile:

Two days ago, during engraving, the power went out and since then my laser has not been working properly. Now I (probably) have calibration problems. When I want to cut a 10x10mm square, I actually end up with something 10x2mm. So the X axis is good, but the Y axis is quite inaccurate.

I tried to calibrate in the program RD Works File–>Vendor Settings–>Motor–>Y–>Step length–>Calculate step precision, but everything I tried did not give a good result.

Can something similar be set up in Lightburn. These are probably the same settings, but displayed in a slightly different way.

Perhaps the best solution would be to load the original settings into the controller. But unfortunately I don’t have them because the USB on which those files were - was stolen.

Therefore, as a first aid, I would like to ask if anyone has the correct settings for this kind of laser so I can try to solve the problem that way?

Thank you all and greetings from Croatia.

I’m not an expert but I’d look to see if the rotary got enabled first.

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No, rotary is disabled, using switch on front side of machine.

Look in the controller settings too.

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I thank everyone for the answers. The current situation is much better than yesterday. By trial and error I was able to get the laser working.
But now I have another problem.
The problem is the power output. Now the laser simply does not have enough power. Right now I can’t cut almost anything except paper, even when the power is at 100%.

I assume that some settings are involved, but I don’t know which ones. So, the laser works, but it seems that the power is at 15% and it can’t do more.


The lenses are clean and adjusted, because I haven’t touched them.

Thank you!

How old is the machine? The laser tube doesn’t last forever.

Yesterday was just fine. Machine is five months old.

If anyone needs settings for a red-black Chinese laser 700x500 mm, you can find them here:

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