Blue tool layer has power and line/fill options

Is this just a bug I am having or is anyone else having a tool layer issue with it thinking its a layer.
image It is just the blue tool layer the orange is fine.

Both are working ok on my machine. Option to frame but no power or speed settings.

Same here as RonClarke.

Which version are you using? I’m on v1.3.01

ToolLayers v1.3.01


Wonder if it’s something special with a Trocen… :thinking:

I wouldn’t think so, but it’s a different type of dsp.

Just speculating…


I restarted LB and all seems back to normal. Very odd thanks all.

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Please - do let us know if you experience this behavior again. That is an odd state. :slight_smile:

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Allot of truth in that statement. We miss out on half the Ruida controls no power scaling on the same layer lots of things. Super odd issue it went away but now something else I have to watch.

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