Board Compatibility

Hello: I recently built a large format diode laser and it has been working great. Now I want to replace my K40 with a DIY build. What I do not want to do is spend $500+ on a Ruida board, drivers, etc, if I do not have to, plus I do not needs all of its features.

What is a good middle ground board? OMTech makes a board called a K40+ board but it seems it might be limited to lower wattage boards as I direct replacement for the K40 board.

Does this board really care that there is a 90w tube and power supply instead of a 40w on the other end? Will lightburn make use of the extra power as a 0 to 100 scale like it normally does. This seems like a simple configuration to go with.

What other drop in replacements do you suggest I appreciate your guidance.

There’s been some recent success with that board on this forum. It’s one of the candidate drop-in replacements. The other standard choices are Cohesion 3D and Mini Gerbil who most seem to have good luck with.

Though if you’re replacing your K40 with a DIY build entirely why a drop-in replacement? At that point wouldn’t you have all available boards at your disposal? Or were you hoping to retain all the parts of the K40 other than the board?

Essentially, no. It’s just that the same power level designated will equate to a higher output. LightBurn doesn’t have any knowledge of the power of your laser.

If you’re looking at other boards MKS DLC32 seems to be getting a lot of looks. But there are many to choose from. I saw there were a few efforts to build a Shield like device for the Raspberry Pi Pico. Don’t know how cutting edge you want to be.

There are boards made for GrblHAL. I saw a breakout board that uses Teensy 4.1.

A lot will depend on your specific needs and what your goals are.

I am going to keep the k40 as a dedicated roller accessory printer so it will be all new parts. I was looking at the k40+ board because it seemed easier with direct connects to the stepper motors instead of having to configure and power seperate stepper drivers.

I was just looking for the most lightburn compatible board. The Cohesion 3d board seems like a good choice as well. I had forgotten about that one. As far as cutting edge, nah… I would prefer the easiest path. I will look at those boards. Thank you.

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