Boolean always substracting the wrong object

Hi all,

I am really struggeling with being able to make “Boolean operators” do what I want. Occasionally I have managed to get it done, but now not any more. My problem is that of multiple options which of both object to subtract from which Lightburn always seems to choose the wrong one, irrespective of the order I selce them or wether I use “A-B” or “B-A” in the “Boolean Operator” Menu.

So let’s say my objects are a Font over a shape. See here.

The desired outcome is this:

But whatever I do, I always end up like this:

(or with a totally blank shape). But whatever I do (A-B or B-A), the shape is always blank.
Obviously it also doesn’t help that there is ZERO option to preview in the [Ctrl-B] Boolean operator popup.
How is it possible that NEITHER A-B NO B-A leaves the shape filled? One of them BY DEFINITION should do that!?!
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any tip or advice!

Have you tried our Boolean Assistant? You can access it from the top menu under ‘Tools > Boolean Assistant’ - it may just be that you’re using the wrong boolean option.

If you post the file, we may have additional recommendations. But If I understand what you are after, place both the text and the banner on the same layer to have the banner fill, yet not fill the text to match what you show. :slight_smile:

No Boolean required.


The boolean assistant is the [Ctrl-B]? That’s what I’m using all the time.
As I described above.

Oh yeah!
THAT actually did the trick!
I wouldn’t have guessed that since I had the shape as “fill” and the font as “line”, since I wanted that to be white, obviously.
I don’t believe it - how could I miss that - it’s THAT easy!
Thanks so much for your help!


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