Boolean Bug? Subtract distorts circles

I kept banging my head against the desk trying to figure out what i was doing wrong. Then I started to trace my steps back and undo everything. Wishing there was a right click Undo-Multiple, after about 30 clicks I got my drawing back to the step before performing the Boolean subtract, and the problem went away. So then I tested it again, performing the Boolean subtract and that confirmed the error. Example:

each circle is .3550 x .3550:

Now I will subtract the pink layer offset from the grouping of blue circles and that distorts all of the circles inconsistently (meaning they’re not all distorted uniformly). Some are .3540 x .3550, others might be .3537 x .3550, others .3534 x .3550 etc.

I have also tried (with the same results) locking and unlocking the aspect ratio on the individual circles as well as the grouping of circles. No luck.

0.3550 to 0.3537 is 1.3 thousandths of an inch. Do you legitimately need this level of accuracy?

All the boolean operations in LightBurn convert from curves to line segments for the boolean engine, then back again, and that engine works in integers, so everything is scaled up to a given level of precision, then converted back down. I think I’ve already increased the precision for the 0.9.12 release because someone else noticed something similar, but unless you’re machining engine parts with your laser, I don’t think this is a real problem.

That’s an acceptable answer and as long as this is by design I at least know now why this is happening. I am making some items that are mixed media with parts cut on the laser and CNC mill but I don’t think the tolerances need to be exact.

My initial reaction was “I am doing something wrong; what did I mess up this time” when I got to the end of my drawing and was checking over my work.

Thanks for the explanation.

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