Boolean function issues

I have worked around most all of my issues when drawing within Lightburn, as least at my beginner level. But I can not connect the line, shown dotted to the line it runs into to. I’ve tried everything I can think of. So, obviously I’m missing something. I’ve include the file and the image of where my problem lies…
Any help would be appreciated.


GWBlue Bird.lbrn (93.4 KB)

LightBurn doesn’t let you do T-junctions like that, because the result would be ambiguous.

For example, if I draw a circle with a line through the middle like this:

If I set that to “Fill”, which half should be filled? Top, bottom, or both?

If I make these two shapes instead (shown side by side for clarity) then there is no ambiguity:

LightBurn needs closed areas to fill them.

Thank you…


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